Computer books are transcending their user manual roots. I see many more lifestyle niches in the computer market, from digital photography to digital video, digital scrapbooking to LAN party guides.

Books that try to be everything to everyone, ala the old Using titles from Que, are finding a smaller market as readers look for more specific, or exciting, reads. My favorite trend, partly because it makes for cool books, are titles aimed at techno-hobbyists or just plain old geeks — titles like PC Toys, Linux Toys, and the forthcoming Geek House from Wiley, or Hacking the X-Box from No Starch.

Along those lines I want to rep more one-off tech titles. Right now I’m looking for an author team for The Tech of Burning Man. I think it’s a cool idea. There’s plenty of hardware on the playa, and almost 35,000 people attended the festival this year. Let’s see if i can interest a publisher. I figure it might be fun to follow some books from proposal to contract, and what better place to do that than a blog.

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