I’ve always loved the energy of Macworld — maybe not so much in the days of Gil Amelio when everything semed so grim — but now especially it’s a great show with exciting product launches and a crowd that eats it up. As Michael Roney of Wiley noted, “You wouldn’t think that so much excitement represents only 2% of the market,” and he’s right. It’s a fanatical 2%.

The tech book publishers have to be thankful. I don’t have the statistics but I’m sure that Mac users buy more books than PC users, and they’re not buying the books necessarily because they’re having trouble, they buy them to do more with what they’ve got. And Apple keeps the process moving by continuing to introduce user friendly and fun products, along with the obligatory OS update every year or so. I can’t ever imagine that MS for instance will really control the home entertainment market, but Apple will take what it can and keep its devoted users happy and eager for more.

O’Reilly — with No Starch and its other partners, Peachpit, Wiley and Sybex all had booths this year. There may have been other publishers, but I missed them. Peachpit had their typical big store on the floor, and O’Reilly had a somewhat smaller selling space but a larger presentation area for ORA authors. Both Wiley and Sybex had smaller spaces, mostly for one on ones with authors and a display of books. What’s impressive over the last five years is that ORA has become such a quality Mac publisher, and Tim has done this very well, with the huge assistance of David Pogue.

I come home looking for more Mac authors, so if you know anyone who’s looking for an agent in this space, feel free to send them my way.

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