Here are a few blogs from computer book acquisitions editors. I’ll add others as I find them. These might give you a good idea of what these folks publish and what they’re looking for.

Microsofty Juliana Aldous Atkinson has blogged extensively about computer books, crafts, and balancing her active work and life. I don’t know where she finds the time to write!

“For Dummies” executive editor, and sometime Indy rocker, Steve Hayes, pens Confessions of a Wayward Valedictorian . Steve acquires books on Windows, eBay, web design, the Internet and many top selling categories.

“For Dummies” programming acquisition editor Katie Feltman just started her own blog, Play Doh . (Katie is moving her blog to, I’ll update her link soon)

And Chris Webb, who works with Joe Wikert’s group at Wiley, sporadically announces new titles on his extreme tech blog . And although he didn’t blog it, he’s the author of one of my favorite hit list callouts when he asked agents for “All hardware hackers, alpha-geeks, and mad scientists – looking for folks doing some bizarre, interesting, and “because you can” type of stuff with various hardware and gadgets.” Chris is the editor behind the Linux Toys, PC Toys, Geek House and the “Hacking” series.

I’ll look for blogs written by trade editors. There are plenty of blogs at Publisher’s Marketplace from book sellers, book doctors and quite a few authors, but I’m betting that most trade editors are too busy reading and editing — they’re much too busy trying to filter out the number of proposals they’re looking at — while for the tech folks these tools are second nature and a great way to communicate with a large pool of potential authors.

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