The eminent agent Richard Curtis has an interesting article at Bookspace that confirms much of what I see happening in the world of publishing: that is, the steady disintermediation of publishers, booksellers, and yes, agents, due to the technologies that allow authors to connect directly at their target market and make a name for themselves independent of the PR machine of the publishing companies.

This might be clearest with the number of bloggers and web authors who have recently signed book deals, but what’s most significant is that these successful bloggers were already cultivating an audience and generating income without ever involving a publisher. The book is the icing on the cake.

Point in case, after my last post I went ahead and purchased Adam Katz’s ebook on dog training, and it was definitely worth the $50 I spent to get the information instantly and also to have the resources of his extensive site and community. I didn’t just purchase a book, I bought into a ongoing relationship with Adam Katz. All in all, this feels like a much better investment to me than five similar books I may have found at the bookstore. And Adam didn’t earn a few bucks from the book, he earned the entire $50, less the credit card processing costs. That’s quite a return.

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