Or, as Bowker (Books In Print) estimates, 195,000, a 14% increase from 2003.

A couple highlights: POD publishers accounted for at least 20,000 new titles; adult fiction grew 43% (I bet much of that is also POD, and this figure doesn’t include literary fiction, which fell); University Presses increased output by 12.3%; religion, travel and home economics grew the most among non-fiction categories.

11,458 new publishers registered with the U.S. ISBN agency. Books In Print covers data from 81,000 publishers in the U.S. Wow.

  2 Responses to “About a gazillion books were published in 2004”

  1. If adult fiction is doing so well, how come we can’t sell Beth’s books?

  2. This stat is just title count, not an indication that fiction is doing that much better yet. Bestseller fiction sales are down, so are literary fiction sales. It seems that genre fiction is growing in title count (though I think mass market sales have lagged something like 5% in the last year) and certainly the print on demand publishers have boosted the adult fiction numbers. It’s all about finding the right house or the right agent who can steer Beth to do the kind of revision that will spur a sale.

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