Harold Davis hosts what is becoming an increasingly stunning photoblog, Photoblog 2.0, which began, innocently enough, as the future companion web page to his forthcoming Digital Photography Digital Field Guide (Wiley), but has become much more.

Harold obviously has great fun exploring the technical side of photography, whether playing with various lenses or Photoshop, and he’s posted some great pics of the Berkeley environs, but his recent sets of wilderness shots hearken back to his first career as a professional wilderness photographer, and it’s a pleasure to see him doing something he so obviously loves and is so obviously good at.

It’s nice to see what can become of a web site meant as a companion to a book — it can have a life of its own — and it’s great to watch an author in action who loves his subject. This recent post is part one of what promises to be much more than a digital camera tale.

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