This is a puff piece, and contains details that may be embarrassing to the author.

Agents have a reputation as a necessary evil, or, as one friendly editor put it to me, “necessary weasels.” And, though we live in great anticipation of every contract, advance check and royalty statement, there’s nothing that quite warms an agent’s heart like a sincere acknowledgement of his efforts.

I was reminded of this today when I had the pleasure of reading a gracious acknowledgement in a soon to be released book. As always, I’m tickled pink. And more importantly, I’ll work hard to keep my client’s regard.

Your agent loves publishing — many of us are frustrated writers and editors ourselves — and it’s great to see our own names in print. So, yes, it’s an ego boost. I have to admit that.

It’s good advertising, too: potential writers often comb the acknowledgements to find just the right agent for their project.

If your agent did a good job, acknowledge her. You needn’t be verbose, sincere will do just fine. I guarantee you that your agent will notice.

And be sure to thank your editors. I don’t care how much you fought over the manuscript, preferential edits or delayed checks. Be polite and professional and give credit to your editor.

There’s plenty of tussling in this business, good manners go a long way.

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