I’m the featured guest on a Guerilla Marketing Association teleconference this Wednesday afternoon at 4 PM PST. Clients and potential clients are welcome to call in, just send me a note and I’ll send you the number and access code. The show is run by Roger C. Parker and Jay Conrad Levinson, both bestselling authors with many years of publishing experience. The questions we’re covering include —

* What do publishers want these days?
* What is a “platform,” and why is it so important?
* Publishing alternatives: what are the advantages and disadvantages of trade
book publishing, as compared to self-publishing or print-on-demand?
* What are some of the common characteristics shared by the best-selling books
you’ve represented?
* What can a literary agent do for you that you can’t do for yourself?
* How do you locate a literary agent?
* What do you say, or write, when contacting a potential agent for the first
* What are most important parts of a book proposal?
* What types of books are in great demand these days?

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