Here’s an obvious post but it sure bears posting.

Just as timely deliveries make for a happy publisher, timely checks make for happy authors.

I was pleased yesterday to receive a counter-signed contract and signing advance check in the same envelope.

What a wonderful surprise. I wish every signing advance came as quickly.

  2 Responses to “Timely checks make for happy authors”

  1. Who’s the publisher?!

  2. I hesitate to name them publicly because I can’t warrant that they always do this, but I can tell you that it’s an independent trade business publisher.

    By the time we had a deal, the author had written an extensive proposal and strong sample chapter, and it’s obvious that he’ll write a great book. It helps that the publisher is an independent, and that accounting and editorial are in the same building. The bigger publishers get, the less likely they are willing or able to cut checks with such speed.

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