I never heard this term before, but I must have just missed it because it’s so obvious. One of the publishers I met with at MacWorld this week said he was particularly interested in “roadies.”

Inside, I went “huh?”

And then I realized, he was talking about those speaking pros that jet from conference to conference and speak to thousands of potential readers throughout the year. I said, “oh, you mean the authors who don’t really have time to write but somehow get it done in hotels, on airplanes and in cabs?”


If you have the inclination and talent to become a roadie, by all means do so. You can start small. Start with user groups, special interest groups, your chamber of commerce, Learning Annex, or teach extension courses if need be, but the better salesperson you become, and the more shows you attend, the richer you’ll be.

This is maybe a tough deal for shy authors who may not feel comfortable with public speaking. For those folks, at the very minimum, I encourage you to at least set up online and find communities where you can participate and contribute.

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  1. Amen, brother! This is absolutely true. The more you get your name in front of potential audiences, the better your books will do.

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