I don’t know what makes me do it: An intrinsic need for order? My undergraduate job at the library? My former job as a bookseller and clerk? Or the fact that I’m your agent and want your books to sell?

Whatever the reason, if I rep your book and it’s currently in stock at the Borders in Folsom, California, it’s definitely sitting FACE OUT on the shelves today.

Not only that I probably tidied up the entire section. Heck, I do that anyways. I worry that the clerks are going to ask me to “step away from the books.”

What struck me yesterday, some wonderful backlist placements: about 25 copies of The Elegant Universe, and about the same for Into the Wild. I love both books and think that’s just great.

Tell all your friends to visit your books in the store often, and if there’s room, take advantage, shelve them face out!

  3 Responses to “I can’t help myself”

  1. I do it too!

  2. You rep The Elegant Universe? I loved that.

  3. Gosh, no, I didn’t rep the Elegant Universe, I believe John Brockman has that honor. I just love the book.

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