I left out Amazon Forums yesterday, and most of the forums I’ve looked at recently were relatively quiet, but on listening to Bart Ehrman discussing his Misquoting Jesus on Fresh Air this morning I had to check out the Amazon page, and found a relatively active forum discussion, pretty much what you’d expect for a book that is sure to raise some controversy.

I haven’t seen any authors participating on the forums yet but I’m sure they’re out there.

  2 Responses to “Amazon 2.0 — Amazon Forums”

  1. The Amazon.com community is in the process of developing a FAQ for authors on the do’s and don’ts of participating on the discussion boards (e.g., don’t SPAM reviewers, don’t overpromote your book, etc.) I spotted a post about it in the “frequently asked questions” section of the forums the other day.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Ann, I’ll look for a link to the FAQ and post it here if I find it.

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