I’m entirely okay with equeries.

Feel free to email me a query any day of the week and I’ll get back to you pretty quickly, though usually with a no, I’m afraid.

That’s our siren song, you can hear agents in the distance whispering “it’s not a good fit for me, perhaps another agent will feel differently…”

But if you Bookblast me, you won’t hear even my no. Here’s why —

1) You just sent an email to hundreds of agents, meaning

2) you have no clue who you’re submitting to, meaning

3) you’re not willing to do the research yourself to find an appropriate agent for your work, meaning

4) you’re unlikely to find an agent who gives a damn what you’re writing about, meaning

5) I’m not going to take the time to send you a personal email either, meaning,

special bonus #6) you’ve probably just wasted $95.

Hey, Writer Beware blogged about this earlier this year.

I think it’s great that writers can use the web to find an agent. Our contact info and preferences litter the web, from Everyone Who’s Anyone, to Preditors and Editors, to Agent Query. Best of all is probably Publisher’s Marketplace.

Lots of these sites are free. My advice is to use them.

  One Response to “Five reasons I haven’t responded to your Bookblaster equery”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I have a special “rule” set up in my mail program, that when emails arrive from Bookblast, they go straight in the trash. I always tell querying authors, there’s nothing more valuable than doing research on a publisher before you send a query.

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