Scholastic Books and Yankelovich have released a study on reading trends among kids and families.

This is important reading for anyone who wonders about the future generations of readers. You can find the pdf and the press release linked here.

Critical takeways:

While more than 40% of “kids ages 5-8 are high frequency readers,” that drops to “29% among kids aged 9-11.” (High frequency readers read every day)

“Children of high frequency reading parents are more likely than other youth to regularly engage in reading for fun.”

Age 8 seems the critical drop-off point, according to the study.

I don’t know what the larger solution is but I come from a reading family where books were something like our religion, and for me access was one of the main drivers of my reading habit. That meant lots of trips to the library, and lots of books all over the house, and time spent quietly reading as a family.

Today that somehow seems quaint and old-fashioned but my fondest memories of growing up include scenes of sitting around and reading with my parents.

The main point of the study is that parents can set a better example, Read every day for pleasure yourself and you’ll teach your children the importance of a good reading habit.

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