Via c|net, this is kind of cool if you’re an exhibitionist and no-one has picked up your memoir yet, though I’m not sure if it will ever work.

Dandelife is a web 2.0 style timeline generator, but what’s most interesting is that according to the article on TechCrunch, “Users will be able to make their stories available for branding by corporate sponsors bidding for content.”

I’m sort of with the TechCrunch author, Marshall Kirkpatrick, who says “yes we all have a right to monetize our writing and media content online – but renting out chunks of my life story for corporate branding is not something I’m comfortable with.”

But hey, it’s another way to be “famous” and connect your Blog, YouTube and Flickr streams, create your own “reality show,” write and distribute your own memoir, and maybe find corporate backing to boot.

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