it looks like I’m going to beat my deadline, will my publisher move up my pub date?

Probably not. It might happen if there was a compelling reason, a breaking news story, for instance, but for the most part your publisher’s resources are allocated among any number of books, and your publisher has to coordinate editorial, author review, production, and sales and marketing for every title (and staff is finite). Not to mention that the retailer expects to see you on a specific date as well.

It doesn’t hurt to be early: you get a great rep, you have plenty of time for editorial development, but you probably won’t speed up publication.

  2 Responses to “Beat deadline, faster publication?”

  1. Matt, I’d be interested to hear your advice on the more common occurrence – when an author misses the deadline.

    As you know, this can really complicate matters with our bookstore partners – monthly open to buy dollars, promotions, etc.

  2. Matt, I also say, in our corner of the tech publishing world, we can almost always move up a book by a week, 2, even a month to correspond to an author beating their deadlines. We actually had that happen a couple of times with authors I work with this year.
    Of course, that depends on the manuscript being good and what we expected. If the writing is rushed and we need more editing time, that may eat up all the time savings.

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