Young-gun editor, novelist and blogger, Jason Pinter, blogs on agents who can’t keep up with his recent move. Linked.

Ouch. *

I’ve missed some folks who’ve recently changed houses by a hair here or there myself, it happens, but not like this. And I’m the prototypical agent from podunk, so if I can keep track of this anyone can.

With the advent of a little something called the Internet we have all sorts of tools at our disposal, should we choose to use them.

When I started out 16 years ago we kept everything on index cards and charted moves from Publisher’s Weekly. Now, Publisher’s Marketplace has become the gold standard for keeping up with moves, and you can always check Vista Publishing Industry Moves for free (!) updates and a free (!) newsletter.

* a client asked if this was me. No, I don’t know Jason and I haven’t pitched him anything, but I can still feel a little pain for the agent in question. The way I work I almost always send an email query ahead of the actual proposal, so I haven’t actually mailed a hardcopy to someone who was gone already, but I have pitched folks by email who may have just moved. Many agents don’t send queries ahead of time but I find that it saves time and I can focus on the editors who are truly interested in a project. It used to be that email was verboten but not so much anymore. Caution: don’t do this at home, find yourself an agent.

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