via Mediabistro, Free Online Because You Won’t Find it in Stores.

Science fiction author Peter Watts has released his most recent novel, Blindsight (Tor), as a pdf under a Creative Commons license, which is cool and may spur more sales, but it’s driven by the fact that his publisher only printed and shipped 3700 copies and didn’t find wide distribution. Sadly, this is somewhat contrary to Boing Boing’s first take that “the book is selling so fast that readers are having a hard time laying their hands on copies.”

I assume he reserved these rights in his contract, you can’t just decide to release your book via pdf without your publisher’s permission.

It’ll be interesting to see if this helps sales. I sure hope it does.

Here’s the Amazon page, Blindsight.

And here’s the novel itself, Blindsight in html.

And here’s a very cool add-on, 7 alternate covers to the book.

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