Here’s a very cool number site via Tim O’Reilly at the O’Reilly Radar, What’s Special About This Number?

This site is great for number geeks. It’s great for the number impaired too. Just following this I found myself lost in the Fibonacci Sequence.

Along those lines, I want to rep more math and popular science. If you have a proposal in either arena I’d love to see it.

And here are more great links from Wiley publisher Joe Wikert, who links to Michael Hyatt’s recent posts on publishing relationship management.

Joe’s post is here.

He’ll send you to Michael’s distinct posts on the qualities that make for an ideal publisher, author or agent. Quoting Joe, “If you’re an author in search of a good agent or publisher, use the (high profit, low maintenance) characteristics checklists Michael provides for each. Don’t forget to read the author checklist too… The whole series of posts ought to be required reading for any publishing newbie (and not-so-newbie).”

I agree. Here’s my own high profit, low maintenance mantra — If you want to succeed in this business (and make friends and influence people) you need to be a great partner, do great work, be dependable, be easy to work with, learn to resolve conflicts peaceably, and communicate!

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