Wiley editor Chris Webb has launched a new blog. One of his first posts is Crowdhacking: 10 Simple Ways Authors Can Help Increase Sales. Check it out. This should be required reading for anyone who’s about to publish a book, whether they self-publish or go with a big publisher.

In a word, to succeed at Amazon you need to help people find your book. So it’s good to create lists and “so you’d like to” guides, and it’s also a good idea to actively solicit reviewers. Your first reviewers needn’t be limited to your mom and cousin, most of Amazon’s top reviewers do this as an active hobby. Track someone down who reviews similar books and send them a copy.

Also, although he’s buried down in the comments, if you’d like to find a great primer on how to promote your book online, using not only Amazon but also through your own blog and on social networks like MySpace and YouTube, check out Steve Weber’s book, Plug Your Book: Online Book Marketing for Authors, Book Publicity through Social Networking. You can get a great sense of what’s in Steve’s book from his Amazon page.

There’s a lot that you can do to help your book even if you feel like your book is treated like only one of hundreds from your publisher (it is) and often overlooked by your PR department (unless you’re Michael Crichton it probably is).

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