Congrats to Chronicle Books: a new blog, a new building, and now they’re one of the sponsors for the upcoming Maker’s Faire in San Mateo. That’s how I found their blog. I love their list and I hope I can sell them something this year.

My last book with Chronicle was the very cool Jamming the Media by Gareth Branwyn, but that was 10 years ago!

I admire their green aspirations —

“As a publisher, though, you can’t help but feel guilty about all the trees that go into our craft. That’s one reason we prefer to print our books and stationery titles on papers from sustainable forest growth. We’ve also tried to refurbish the building in an environmentally conscious way. For example, we’ve installed solar panels on the roof. All the old carpet tile was removed and immediately reinstalled in two local projects. And many of the furnishings are crafted here in the Bay Area and have been created from recycled materials.”


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