My first publishing related job was in a printing press for CP/M (Commercial Press/Monterey, we published Digital Research’s documentation in the early 80s), and I was always fascinated to see how the pages were laid out and printed on these huge pieces of paper.

Somewhat reminiscent of that, Harold Davis just posted a great photo of the proofs of his newest book, Light and Exposure for Digital Photographers, spread out over his living room floor.

Check out the photo and backstory on Harold’s blog.

Update, 1-28: this is cool, Harold’s Book Imposition photo was featured on Galleycat this morning A Quick Peek Inside the Sausage Factory

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Congratulations to Janet Rae-Dupree, who penned a fascinating article about innovation in the New York Times, December 30, 2007, Innovative Minds Don’t Think Alike, the first in her brand new NYT column.

Congratulations to Rich Wagner on the publication of his newest book, Professional iPhone and iPod touch Programming: Building Applications for Mobile Safari, from Wrox.

Congratulations to David Boles and Janna Sweenie, the authors of Hand Jive on completing another American Sign Language title, Picture Yourself Signing ASL, Level 1, for Course Technology.

As usual, I have plenty of new “for Dummies” titles to announce —

Congratulations to John Mueller on finishing his Windows Server 2008 Desk Reference All In One for Dummies.

Congratulations to Larry Helyer and Rich Wagner on delivering The Book of Revelation for Dummies.

A big congratulations to musician and composer Scott Jarrett and writer Holly Day on the publication of Music Composition for Dummies!

And, finally, for a good time, and just in time for Oscar 😉 be sure to check out Ali Rogers’ annual Oscar spoof, The Felixes!

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Happy 2008, folks! This is officially my 200th blog post, and although this has become mostly a “news” blog, I like sharing my agency news and will continue to do so.

I want to thank everyone who has put his or her faith in me over the last three years. I’m having a great time in doing this on my own and I couldn’t do it without great clients.

I’m happy to announce a few new first books!

Congratulations to USA Today finance columnist Matt Krantz on the publication of his first book, Investing Online for Dummies, from Wiley.

Congratulations to Swain Scheps on the publication of his first solo book, Business Intelligence for Dummies, also from Wiley.

Congratulations to expert video trainer Chad Perkins on the release of his first book, Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended for 3d and Video, from Adobe Press/Peachpit.

Congratulations to David Boles on the publication of his newest book, Picture Yourself Learning Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard, just released by Course Technology.

Congratulations to John Paul Mueller on completing his newest book, Administering Windows 2008 Server Core, coming in February from Sybex.

Congrats also to Barrie Sosinsky on completing his newest book, Windows Server 2008 Implementation and Administration, also from Sybex.

Congratulations to Bill Loguidice and Matt Barton on the second article (of six, eventually) in their Gaming Platforms series with Gamasutra, A History of Gaming Platforms: The Vectrex.

A big congratulations to prolific photographer and author Harold Davis and his talented designer, wife, and co-packager, Phyllis Davis, on delivering two new photography titles: the techniques title Practical Artistry: Light and Exposure for Digital Photographers, to be published by O’Reilly Media this Spring; and their new coffee table book, the gorgeous 100 Views of the Golden Gate, also publishing this Spring, from Wilderness Press.

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David Boles has one of the more enthusiastic reviews I’ve seen so far, here.

I’m a fence sitter when it comes to ebooks, I read all day long on my work screen and I’m not sure I’m ready to sit down with another screen at night, but there’s little doubt that the future will bring more and more print to the screen and this is a laudable start.

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Congratulations to marketing wiz John Arnold on the publication of E-Mail Marketing for Dummies, from Wiley.

Congratulations to Bill Loguidice and Matt Barton, who have a new article at Gamasutra, the first in a six part series, A History of Game Platforms: The Commodore 64.

Congratulations to Michele Davis and Jon Philips on completing their newest book, Flex: A Beginner’s Guide, to be published by Osborne/McGraw-Hill.

Congratulations to DVD trainer Todd Perkins on finishing his first book, Nintendo Wii Flash Game Creator’s Guide, also with Osborne/McGraw-Hill.

Congratulations to David Boles on delivering his newest book, Picture Yourself Learning What’s New in Mac OS Leopard, coming soon from Course Technology (and just in time for my upgrade!).

Congratulations to Michelle Waitzman, who was interviewed about her book, Sex in a Tent for the Outdoor Stations’ OutdoorPodcast, which you can find here.

Congratulations to Cameron McPherson Smith on launching his new blog, Amphibian Adventures, which will follow Cameron on his various wonderful and amazing expeditions. Cameron also has a new story coming out in the new collection, They Lived to Tell the Tale: True Stories of Modern Adventure from the Legendary Explorer’s Club, from Lyons Press, and which is precisely the sort of book I stayed home sick from school to read when I was a teen.

And finally, many congrats to Roger Parker on the launch of his new website, Published and Profitable, which aims to teach prospective authors how to grow their business and platform through books. Disclaimer, I’m on Roger’s editorial board as an advisor.

Thanks for working with me!

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I’m pleased to announce a few new books on the shelves. The topics in books released this month run the gamut from virtual worlds to “sex in a tent” to Google Apps and iPhone development!

Congratulations are overdue to Richard Mansfield on the publication of How to Do Everything With Second Life, published by Osborne/McGraw Hill.

Congratulations to Mike Fine on the publication of his second Utah travel title, Utah: The Complete Ski and Snowboard Guide, from Countryman/W.W. Norton.

Congratulations to Michelle Waitzman on her first book, Sex in a Tent: A Wild Couple’s Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature, from Wilderness Press. You should be able to find a copy at REIs everywhere!

Congratulations to David Boles, who has the very first Google Apps book published anywhere, the Google Apps Administrator Guide, from Course Technology.

Congratulations to Chad Perkins on completing his first book, Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended for 3D and Video, to be published by Peachpit.

Congratulations to Holly Day and Scott Jarrett on completing Music Composition for Dummies, coming soon from Wiley.

And, finally, congratulations to Rich Wagner on completing his newest book, Professional iPhone Develpment, to be published by Wrox.

Richard is also the author of one of the new Wrox Blox titles, iPhone and iPod Touch Programming.

Thanks for working with me!

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I’ve been backlogged on current books and it remains a busy time here. Lots of recent books to note!

Congratulations to Jon Philips and Michele Davis on the publication of the second edition of Learning PHP and MySQL: Step by Step Guide to Creating Database-Driven Web Sites, from O’Reilly Media.

And starting a round of lots of “for Dummies” titles, congratulations to Janet Rae-Dupree and Pat DuPree on the publication of their Anatomy and Physiology Workbook for Dummies.

Congratulations to Ed Baig (and his Waterside repped co-author Bob Levitus) on the publication of iPhone for Dummies.

Congratulations to Swain Scheps on delivering his first solo project, Business Intelligence for Dummies.

Congratulations to John Arnold on delivering, Email Marketing for Dummies.

Congratulations to USA Today personal finance columnist Matt Krantz on completing his first book Investing Online for Dummies.

Congratulations to Dan Gookin on the publication of Find Gold in Windows Vista, from Wiley.

And finally, I’m pleased to announce another forthcoming outdoors title. Congratulations to Harold Davis (author and photographer) and Phyllis Davis (designer) on delivering The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite and the High Sierra: Where to Find the Perfect Shots and How to Take Them, to be published next spring by Countryman Press.

Thanks for working with me!

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Writer Beware has a great post, Should Writers Worry About Blacklisting, a practice I’ve never really heard of beyond the over-the-top and infamous Joe Eszterhaus/CAA imbroglio where Michael Ovitz was quoted as telling Eszterhaus “You’re not going anywhere. You’re not leaving this agency. If you do, my foot soldiers who go up and down Wilshire Boulevard each day will blow your brains out.” I guess that’s a little more hardcore than blacklisting when your agent actually hunts you down and blows your brains out, and so it remains Michael Ovitz’s most memorable quote!

In the real world, there’s no blacklist kept by publishers or agents, though I would caution writers that editors have long memories and they migrate everywhere, meaning the editor you cursed at five years ago may suddenly appear at the house you’re pitching today. My advice: be smart, be kind and be thoughtful above all, but don’t allow yourself to be bullied. Of course at Writer Beware, the context is always in the realm of “legitimate agents don’t blacklist you.” That’s right, legitimate agents most often say no, sometimes may beg, but they probably won’t threaten you 🙂

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I’ve let the summer have its way with the blog, and there’s one month to go yet, but here’s some news in the midst of my ongoing hiatus. I’ll post more regularly in September!

Diary of a Real Estate Rookie continues to garner great press, reviews and interviews. Ali Rogers was interviewed at last week Real Estate Rookie Tells All.

Amazon isn’t the only game in town but it sure is fun when a book pops high on the list right before publication. Dan Gookin’s Find Gold in Windows Vista doesn’t ship for a week or two but something happened this morning to shoot it to #20 on the Computer Bestseller list. Congrats, Dan!

Congrats also to Lee Varis, whose Skin: The Complete Guide to Digitally Lighting, Photographing, and Retouching Faces and Bodies remains a consistent Amazon bestseller. What a great run, Lee!

Congratulations to Fresh Books client and USAT columnist, Ed Baig, who, with Bob LeVitus (a Waterside client), finished iPhone for Dummies in record time.

And the same goes for David Boles, who just wrapped his Google Apps Administrator Guide ahead of schedule (for Course Technology). Congrats David!

Wilderness Press has told me I will see the galleys for Michelle Waitzman’s Sex in a Tent any day now. I’ll report back as soon as I read them!

I want to send a shout out to local publisher Willow Valley Press, which is about to publish a memoir that has garnered great pre-publication reviews. Dandelion Through The Crack, by Kiyo Sato, is the story of a Japanese family’s struggle to make a home for themselves in California through the depression and World War Two. Congratulations. I can’t wait to read it. Linked.

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It’s actually been a much busier month than this short round-up suggests!

Congratulations to Ronda Racha Penrice, whose African American History for Dummies is currently featured on AOL Black Voices. Ronda signed books with Chris Webber in Detroit last week, to boot, which is great for me by way of reflected glory 🙂 Sac Town misses you, Chris!

Congrats to Rich Wagner and Richard Mansfield on the publication of Creating Web Pages All In One Desk Reference for Dummies.

Continuing with the Fresh Books West and Southwest theme, congratulations to naturalist Ron Kay on delivering RON KAY’S GUIDE TO ZION NATIONAL PARK: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Zion National Park But Didn’t Know Who to Ask, to be published early next year by Countryman Press.

Congrats to Sue Jenkins (star and writer!) on the release of her first training DVD-Rom, Dreamweaver for Designers.

Congratulations to John Mueller on completing his latest Sybex title, IIS Implementation and Administration, which will publish this Fall.

And finally, kudos to Ed Baig. If you want to know what it’s like to live with the new iPhone for a few weeks, Ed tells you in his latest USA Today column, Apple’s iPhone isn’t perfect but it’s worthy of the hype.

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