Publishing of a sort, footprints on an ancient lakebed — I love this stuff.

“We see children running between the tracks of their parents; the children running in meandering circles as their parents travel in direct lines,”

“It’s a most extraordinary snapshot of a moment or several moments in the life of Aboriginal people living on the edge of the lake in western New South Wales 20,000 years ago.”

Australian State Environment Minister Bob Debus, quoted on Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio.

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For me, Halloween (and the time change) really marks the change of seasons.

It’s time to go to bed early, boys! Time for the Kings to start an epic season. Time to pre-order that next generation game console, and time to order our time sink for those long cold winter nights.

NBA Live 2006 360 is next.


Want to exert your first amendment rights?

Read a banned book this week. I’d suggest Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Catcher in the Rye or the Harry Potter series.

From the titles on this list, it appears that the book banners are most afraid of Judy Blume, sex, homosexuality, and witchcraft, with racial politics close behind.


These being the dog days of summer and somewhat slow here — what with the kids out of school and many editors on vacation — I figured I’d introduce myself to those of you who’ve never met me.

And since we’re on the internet, I should confirm that I’m the human.

The Dog is Monty. He’s the same brute I wrote about in February. He’s doing quite well with cats now, though we still keep him under tight leash indoors as he’s pretty goofy and prone to sliding out of control across the floors.

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Convinced by a client that tagging is the way to go, I’m playing with Flickr this afternoon. This is a photo from Gabe and Jonah’s first T-Ball uniform session. They’re playing for the mighty MuckDogs.
Now I’m not sure what I’ll use Flicker for, maybe taking pictures of clients’ books as they come in, or maybe writer’s conferences and Expos, but at least I’ll know how to post them.