Alison Rogers

Alison Rogersrealestaterookie is a real estate agent/writer. A summa cum laude graduate of Harvard (’87), she spent many years writing for publications including Fortune (staff), Money, The New York Times, and . With this background, plus extensive personal real estate experience, seven closings in six years, she was hired to launch the real estate section of The New York Post. Her first book, Diary of a Real Estate Rookie, chronicles her attempt to switch careers from being a professional real estate observer to being a professional real estate practitioner. Of course, the first year of marriage seemed like a good time to try that. In the words of the book, β€œIt is a story of failure, and tears, and immense love. There are some pretty tricked-out luxury condos along the way.” Having earned her real estate licenses in New Jersey and New York, Rogers is now an agent serving downtown Manhattan (Tribeca, Chelsea, Greenwich Village). She continues to offer advice through her website, and to journal-ize her adventures in a weekly column on real estate news site