It’s great to see the kick-off of Dave Crenshaw’s blog tour in support of the The Myth of Multitasking: How “Doing it All” Gets Nothing Done. He made a great effort to reach out to like-minded bloggers, folks who write about productivity, time management and organization, and he’s been successful so far.
In the last three days Dave has been covered, reviewed or interviewed in the following blogs:
Virtually Organized
Change Your Thoughts
Cranking Widgets
Genuine Curiosity
Awake at the Wheel
Dave’s great results so far aren’t the result of some high powered PR agency; it’s the result of his own focused preparation and roll-out plan.
Per my recent post, you can’t expect that people are going to hunt down your new book to review it. You have to take the lead in finding the very best possible reviewers with the most focused message and audience.

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Don’t assume that just because you wrote a book someone is going to want to review it.
Too often I find that writers forget about following through once a book is published, but in reality that’s the most important time to plan for a real push to find and solicit reviewers of your book. This goes for Amazon reviews too.
Your publisher should solicit a list of potential reviewers who should be sent the book, but if they don’t, be sure to pipe up and send them a list. You can find reviewers throughout the blogosphere, or in user groups, or for tech books on sites like Slashdot, and if you have a trade title with a great niche (ala Sex in a Tent) then actively read the magazines that cover your topic and try to make connections with reviewers (Glamour, Cosmo, Outside, all fit the bill for SIT).
Very important: try to find reviewers who are definitely interested in your topic. Reviewers, and bloggers, are overwhelmed with review requests, so try to find a like-mind!
I know this sounds sort of basic, but someone just asked me today if I had seen any reviews of their book and I had to ask, have you asked for any reviews?
I promise, your publisher will be more than happy to send copies to prospective reviewers.

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Here’s a shout out to Peter Shankman and his very cool site, Helpareporter, which matches reporters with experts. The queries come from all sorts of outlets, including bloggers, podcasters, trade magazines, book authors and big dailies.
I read his queries every day and pass leads to my clients when I see something that looks like a good fit, but HARO is also definitely worth checking out if you’re a writer and you’re looking for experts to interview yourself.
Peter has a fun blog and cool book, Can We Do That? Outrageous PR Stunts That Work and Why Your Company Needs Them. Check them out.

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