This is a blog about books

Well, it’s a blog about books and me, books and my job in the publishing industry, books I’ve read and books I’m especially proud of having represented.

I’m sure there are better blogs about books. As a reader, I’m a person who reads everything — perhaps another way of saying I have no taste. In the last week I’ve re-read John McPhee’s, Control of Nature; much of Charlotte Joko Beck’s zen primer, Nothing Special; and I’m hip deep in the third book of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, The Dragon Reborn. How’s that for a chaotic mix?

I often return to McPhee and Joko Beck when I’m feeling overwhelmed, and I’ve been properly overwhelmed this week so I find them very comforting, a good soup. McPhee writes so well and clearly about geology and time, nature and landscape, and helps me to appreciate my place in the ultimate scheme of things. And Joko Beck always reminds me of where I am inside. I highly recommend her.

I’m new to Robert Jordan, but I’m thoroughly entranced and entertained with his epic. It’s a huge series, and I find it inspiring around all the great themes of self-knowledge, self-reliance, and responsibility. These are also all huge issues in my life right now so the books really resonate with me.

More soon once I learn how to use this space.