Christopher Matthew Spencer

Christopher Matthew Spencer was among the earliest adopters of the internet. He’s been writing books and articles and developing successful education for entrepreneurs and internet users ever since. He has sold over 200,000 items online and provided consulting to many Fortune 1000 companies, including eBay, NETGEAR, Visa, and Qualcomm. Christopher has provided comprehensive training at more than 200 industry trade shows and has delivered keynotes and presentations at the top ten trade shows in the world. Christopher’s education and training have been personally endorsed by Forbes Celebrity 100 entrepreneur Kathy Ireland, who runs a billion-dollar marketing and branding agency. Christopher has successfully bought and sold many companies and has run a bakery, an office products distribution company, a commercial fundraising agency, a television production company, a publicity firm, a celebrity brokerage, a hotel, a bar, a restaurant, and a real estate development firm. He presently owns and operates a full-service marketing, consulting, and technology agency servicing firms of all sizes. Christopher’s personal mission is education through demonstration and he attributes his success to happiness and the pursuit of all things he finds “fun” in life. He is an insatiable learner and he loves sharing his knowledge with anyone who desires it. Christopher lives in Burbank, California.