Harold Davis


creativecompHarold Davis is a writer, photographer, and expert technologist. He is the author of more than twenty books on a wide range of topics. Harold’s photographs have been widely published, exhibited, and collected. Many of Harold’s fine art photography posters are well known, including some recent alternatively processed digital flower images published by New York Graphic Society. Harold’s recently published photography book projects include The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite and the High Sierra (Countrymen/W.W.Norton), 100 Views of the Golden Gate (Wilderness Press), Practical Artistry: Light and Exposure for Digital Photographers (O’Reilly), The Photoshop Darkroom (Focal Press) and the new “Creative” series from Wiley, including Creative Composition, Creative Night, and Creative Close-Ups. Harold writes a regular column for Photo.net, and maintains the popular Photoblog 2.0, which displays his photographs and covers a wide range of topics related to digital imaging. In his spare time, Harold likes to hike, dig in his garden with his wife Phyllis, and play with his three wonderful boys, Julian, Nicholas, and Mathew, and his new baby girl, Katie Rose.